Charity links
El Hogar de Amor y Esperanza
Project Micah
Casa Alianza
Amnesty International

Amnesty campaign and writes reports about street children in Honduras.  You can find them by querying for Honduras at their website.  The report 'Honduras Zero Tolerance... for impunity Extrajudicial Executions of Children and Youths since 1998' is particularly illuminating.
Project Honduras

This site gives wide-ranging information designed to tell us more about Honduras, its many social needs and limited provision.
Our Little Roses Ministries

People often ask me about provision for abandoned girls in Honduras.  Our Little Roses is a fine home for girls supported by the Episcopalian church, which also supports El Hogar de Amor y Esperanza.
Children of Honduras Trust

This magnificent British charity run by Jennifer Cox from Derby has supported Honduran children for 30 years, regularly sending container-loads of donated goods to help in many varied ways.
Salvation Army

The Salvationists are now working in 2 small centres in Honduras, beginning to establish themselves in their dedicated work amongst the poorest communities.
United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel

The USPG kindly enabled me to make my first visit to Honduras.  They need short and long term volunteers for various needs worldwide including Latin America.
Asociación Compartir

This Honduran association is a branch of the international children's charity 'Partage' based in France.  Their aim is to support families in the community so that - if possible - children can remain with their families rather than move into an institution such as El Hogar de Amor y Esperanza.
Musical links
Allegro Piano Consultancy

Roy Williams of the Allegro Piano Consultancy has kindly provided pianos for several of our concerts.  We are very grateful to him for his expertise and encouragement.
The Bristol Music Club

The Club has generously supported the Honduran street children's fund-raising concerts over the years.  It hosts a regular series of concerts put on by members and friends, including the Bristol Music Club Orchestra.

This prize-winning ladies choir directed by Andrea Argent has developed a very wide, very high quality musical repertoire since their formation over twenty years ago. Miscellany's concerts are always lively, entertaining and expert and the Friends of El Hogar are very grateful for the many performances they have given with us, both singing under their usual name of Miscellany and also as part of the El Hogar Players and Singers.
Musica Mundi

This fine baroque music trio performed for the Honduran street children's concert series in 2004.  An English volunteer in Honduras spotted their website and contacted them to enquire how it was that they were performing on behalf of Honduran street children, and thus a new friendship began for the Friends of El Hogar.

This Early Music summer school based in Durham encourages early musicians from all over the world. It is a wonderful place to improve your musical skills and build up your international friendships!